All the hardwork has finally ended . IT WAS A SUCCESS . Last week , Shivneet and I wrapped up our project. We cooked our last dish which was --- lasagna. This dish proved that our skills has improved. Cooking became our hobbit instead work. Our next step is to do our presentation , just a little of this and that and were done . I am a bit worried for the TED talk because it might be too boring and we might end up putting our class to sleep .  Our perspective changed because we made a bunch adjustments for our finally product . We started focusing on the quality , we didn't even care bout how it looks , as long as the taste is wonderful.

Genius hour has been an amazing experience for me . Honestly , the first time this project was introduced to us I thought it would be lame , pointless and weird . But , instead it became an enjoyable project and because of this becoming a Chef is definitely the career that im going to P
pursue in the future 

           Genius Hour .. we're almost in the end of the semester ! The only thing me and my partner have to do is cook the last dish which is a pasta meal from Italy. I am a little scared because we might not have enough time to do this since Christmas is coming up and we all know that everyone will be busy . Recently we made our cheesecake , at first we weren't confident to do it because we think we'll fail and we'll end up wasting our ingredients BUT. luckily our cheesecake turned out amazing ! It was better than we expected it to be . I was surprise of the finish product since it was our first time doing it. We are pretty excited now to start our Italian cuisine , we're a little behind but I believe that we'll make it right on time . Shivneet and I  thinks that Italian cuisines are very taste but it takes a lot of effort to do . Italy is famous for their pastas , pizza and their variety of seasonings which makes their food amazing . 

      As for our presentation we are thinking of putting videos and pictures of our progress through out the genius our . Also , we would like to inform the class about our experience and how it changed our perspective when it comes to cooking . Genius hour has been fun all along and I wish we get the grade that we deserve for all the efforts we have put into this. 
    For the continuation of my genius hour, me and partner Shivneet have been searching for great recipes from the countries that we have picked. It was difficult for us to find the proper recipes because some of the ingredients contains alcohol and some of them were not available here in Canada.  Luckily we have found other alternatives for a specific recipe. For our next step we will start to try cooking the recipes that we have found .We are hoping that this ‘cooking’ will help is to produce a very delicious dish for the whole class to enjoy.  Also for this genius hour we are hoping to improve our cooking skills and gain more experience from this project . Additional to that is that we want to learn more about cooking because right now all we know are the basic skills and I think that if we only know the basics we will not succeed in this project . 

     Honestly , I am scared to actually do this project , like cooking and finding that 'right' taste. I think the most challenging part for this genius hour would be trying to create each dish that we have found. For me recipes are there to guide you or to tell you what ingredients a specific dish contains but the flavor/taste is still up to the cook or the people who are eating it. They may want the meal to be more salty or they might prefer more sugar or pepper. I still have a lot 'What If' questions. For example , what if we under-cook a dish or what if we messed up a dish. There are still a lot of things that are bothering me. Also there is one major thing I am concern about , its the cost of the ingredients we'll be using for this project. Like I said earlier 'what if we messed up a dish' that would be a waste of ingredients and money too right? I must say there are still a lot things to figure out but I believe that with the help of my partner this project will turn out absolutely amazing . 

Genius Hour.

                My ‘Genius Hour’ project is about learning about foods from different variety of cultures. As of right now I am studying the French cuisines , it is really fascinating because I never knew that some food was originally from France like for example Macarons , Crème Brulee and Cheesecake .  They are really popular all around the world. Some countries even have their own version of those desserts , adding their own  flavor that makes every Macarons, Crème Brulee and Cheesecakes extra special . I chose this topic because I want to learn more about other countries / places cuisines . For this project I will be using websites like Google , Youtube , Cookbooks , Magazines and Pictures to get information for my research and it will help me to keep track whether I’m doing each recipes right or what not .
                For this project, I was wondering if I will be able to cook a food perfectly , without burning or under-cooking any food ? . Also will I be satisfied with my finish product by the end of this project ? . The greatest challenge that I think I will face will be if I will able to cook a cuisine properly . 
    I think school kills creativity because students these days are divided into two categories , smart ones and non-smart ones . I think this society/school shouldn't separate the students by those two categories because each and everyone has their own imagination , perspective in life and of course their own creative minds. I think school should lessen those academic classes and let our crazy little minds to explore more non-academic classes like band, woodwork , art or PE so that way we could have fun in school and not have six hours in prison and  these are my reasons why schools should lessen those academic classes and let students creativity that is obtained within them be release .